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Garage door purchase, installation, maintenance and repair when need arises is a specialized area that needs the skills of trained technicians. At Professional Garage Doors we provide the best service in Guelph area covering all the aspects of garage doors. Experience, leading partnerships and strategic location have made us the leading provider of these services. When looking for a garage door company you want to get a one stop center with all the equipment and capacities you are looking for and more. Selecting the right company to work with is just as important as choosing the product or getting help with your maintenance and repairs.

Our products and services

We provide a comprehensive range of products and services covering the whole market. That is selling garage doors, garage openers, and accessories and providing the three services of installation, maintenance and repair. Here is an overview of services provided by Professional Garage Doors.

Commercial garage doors: Our range of products covers every commercial or industrial application. We provide doors in all the major categories of design and utility including both sectional and rolling doors. Some of the designs in our store include aluminum sectional doors, steel doors both insulated and non-insulated, fire doors, security grilles, counters, and other designs and materials specifically made to meet the demands of the commercial sector.

Residential garage doors: Our range of products in the residential category covers all the materials present in the industry from wooden doors and wood composite to steel, aluminum and vinyl among others. We ensure a perfect union of functionality and aesthetics to match all your needs.

Garage door openers: To select the right kind of opener you need to see all those available in the market. Chain drive openers, belt driver openers, jackshaft and direct drive openers are all available and we have different models from different manufacturers to give you variety. We also have matching accessories that enhance the efficiency and ease of operating the openers.

Garage door installation: The installation process may at first look like a straight forward affair especially if you are handling a light-weight door. However, without an expert technician you run the risk of misaligning tracks, measurement errors and lack of balancing which affects the longevity of the garage door as well its smooth operation.

Garage door servicing and repairs: The doors need servicing and some models and materials have specific instructions and schedules for maintenance. Our handling of the leading brands over the years and training enable us to offer sufficient servicing and handle all manner of repairs fast and reliably.

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