Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety


You may not think of an automatic overhead garage door as something that could be dangerous, but anything mechanical has the potential to be hazardous under the right circumstances. You should be particularly careful of any mechanical components in your home especially those outside.

Garage door safety is extremely important and that is why upon installation of your garage door, it is always best to perform a garage door safety test to ensure that everything functions as it should. Conduct these safety tests on a regular basis to decrease the chances of any accidental injuries that your garage door may cause. Here are some garage door safety tips.

Do not race the door

It may seem like common sense, but you should never push the button to close your garage door and then try to run under the door before it closes. This is very dangerous and could result in serious injuries or even death. Unluckily, it is much more common for children to try and beat the garage door as part of a game.

Safety sensors for garage doors have substantially reduced the number of injuries sustained as a result of people pushing the button and attempting to run under it. However, you cannot rely on these safety sensors except in emergency situations. As such, it is important to have a discussion with your children about the dangers of running underneath a closing garage door.

Hire an expert for repairs

Regardless of how handy you might think you are, there are some things that only a professional should handle. A garage door is one of those things. Even though it may seem like your garage door is a simple setup consisting of a door on a rail, it’s actually more complex than that.

Fixing your garage door on your own is a safety threat because you could suffer an electric shock from its electrical system or the heavy door could fall on you. Not to mention that you will find it hard to get the appropriate material to use in the repair than a professional would.

Stay away from tracks and joints

There are numerous moving parts that make up your garage door and your hands should be nowhere near them if you would like to keep all your fingers and avoid other injuries. Annually, there are reports of more than seven thousand cases of people injured as a result of putting their hands on the tracks and joints of their garage doors.

This is one of the most common injuries linked to garage doors. Nonetheless, avoidance of this injury is beyond simple. All you need to do is keep your hands away from the tracks and joints. If you think that something is wrong, it is better to call in a professional.

Fix broken glass around your door

Not only is broken glass unsightly, it is also dangerous. If the windows to your garage door are broken, ensure that you have them fixed because the glass can cut through anyone who comes into the garage or the glass can lodge in your car’s tire causing a slow leak.