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Choose a Garage Door

How to Choose a Garage Door


With garage doors becoming such a conspicuous part of the façade of new homes, most people would think that buying a garage door is as simple as finding a dealer, picking out a door and having the door installed. Nevertheless, it’s not quite that simple. Of course, you want to find a garage door expert with a good standing, but it’s also advisable to find out if they offer a warranty and stand by their work as well. Here are some tips that will help you choose a garage door.

Decide on the material you want

When studying your options, there is so much to consider such as design cost, maintenance, and durability. Wooden doors can take more exploitation than steel ones, which show dents and dings. The most commonly used wood is cedar, but you can get whatever you want if your budget allows it.

The question of aesthetics also arises. You might want to match your garage door to your house windows. The idea is to blend into the façade. With modern homes, you can experiment with materials like glass or aluminum.

Determine the style that’s most appropriate for your home

Select a garage door that balances your architecture. If your house is a traditional one, you might want the door to blend in or disappear altogether. However, if you have a contemporary home, you can celebrate it by selecting a unique design like an all glass one.

Select the right color

Generally, the color you pick for your garage door should complement your home rather than blend in with the general structure. As such, avoid extreme contrasts and vivid colors. Consider matching your garage door to your windows or go for a color that blends in with your brick or siding. For less contrast with red brick, pick a light brown tan that matches the mortar in the brick instead of white.

Find a reliable dealer

Look for service from a dealer that has positive reviews, fair prices, and excellent customer service. Visit their website and go through their customer reviews to get an idea of what kind of company you may be dealing with. Ask for references from other projects done in your neighborhood. Are their sales representatives courteous and knowledgeable? Do they have excellent customer service? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on a garage door dealer.

Look for an experienced dealer

When shopping for a garage door, you might want to pay attention to how long a dealer has been in business. Different areas have different environmental factors, which will affect garage doors inversely. Having an experienced company that knows what will work and what will not is imperative. Their ability to understand your needs and take your budget into consideration will help you judge a dealer.

Certification is also an important trust factor. When a company is accredited, it shows they have specialized knowledge of the repair and installation of garage doors. When choosing a garage door dealer, ask if the manufacturers of the garage doors certify them for the doors they sell and install.