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Garage Door Repair London

Most people use their garages frequently to store their cars in a covered area or to have extra space to store personal belongings. Unfortunately, the garage door can begin to wear down and develop issues. When you have a faulty garage door, you run the risk of having intruders accessing your car and stealing your valuables or worse still, injuring yourself or your family members. Instead of attempting to fix the issues on your own, you can benefit from hiring our professional technicians to fix your garage door issues. Below are some of those benefits.

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Reduced risks of injury

You probably think that you can fix your garage door because you are handy or just because you have watched tutorials online. Unluckily, you can make a lot of mistakes if you do not have the experience and training required to work on garage doors and you may end up harming the people around you. You may also use the wrong tools and end up injuring yourself especially if you do not have the knowledge on how to handle weighty material. When you hire our professionals, you will have the peace of mind that they will complete your repairs correctly and maintain a safe environment for you.

Save money and time

Trying to repair a garage door on your own will drain your finances and waste your time. You will save a substantial amount of time and money in the long run if you hire our professional technicians to work on your garage door. You will have to look around for different parts or tools required for a repair if you attempt to do it on your own. Our services are round the clock so feel free to call at any time of the day to get your garage door repaired. The services you will receive from us will also prevent other problems from developing in the future, which could cost you a significant amount of money. When you use our professionals for your garage door repair will, you will obtain a warranty that fully covers the work we do and the materials we use for an extended period of time. Additionally, you can have a future garage door repair covered free of charge if any issues develop after the first time we perform the work.


There is a great level of convenience that comes with using our experts to repair your garage door.  Our professionals have the proper training required to detect problems speedily and complete repairs on time to ensure that you continue using your garage effortlessly. Some other repair companies will keep you waiting if you require a repair outside working hours or during the weekend. With us, you will not have to worry about waiting several days or weeks to remedy the present issues and obtain the right tools on your own. Contact us to book an appointment or better still, drop by our repair shop to find out what services we offer. If you have a tight schedule, you can browse through the internet to have a look at what we offer and schedule a repair for your garage door.

Garage Door Repair Brampton

Garage Door Repair Brampton

Your garage door plays a vital role for you and your family. Apart from serving as a shelter for your car, it also houses many things that are valuable to you. Garage doors are definitely up to the task because they are powerful, strong and durable. Nevertheless, no matter how tough your garage door is, it is susceptible to wear and tear due to repeated open and closing. You need the services of a professional garage door company to perform garage door repair and maintenance. Here are some of the advantages you would gain if you chose us as your garage door repair company.

Increased savings

You can compare your garage door to a human body, which inevitably ages after many years. Soon enough, it would need a doctor to perform assessment and prescribe the right treatment. However, if you eat right and exercise, the need for a doctor diminishes. Garage doors are the same, they are susceptible to wear but with regular maintenance, the need for repair decreases. Our experienced and competent technicians will be able to spot impending problems and solve them immediately. If you ask them to maintain your garage door for you, they will also be able to prevent you from needing expensive repairs in the first place. Additionally, hiring professional technicians for maintenance is cheaper than paying for a replacement or repair. Our experts can help you exploit your investment.

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Avoid the hassle of a faulty door

If you do not schedule regular and proper maintenance for your garage door, problems may happen in the mechanism of your door without your knowledge. As you continue to use your door, the problem will slowly and secretly worsen until that day when your garage door stops opening. This will then mean that you have to use your own effort to open your garage door just to take your car out and physically open it to put it back in. This can be frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. When you hire our technicians to regularly check your garage door, they will be able to detect and address issues before they get out of hand.


A faulty garage door is a threat to you and your family. ‘Do it yourself’ repairs are not the best option when it comes to broken garage doors. Hiring our skilled technicians will solve the problem of your broken garage door in a resourceful manner. On the other hand, if you have a broken garage door, it becomes easy for burglars to open it and steal your car or other belongings. If you hire our technicians to check on your garage door at least twice a year, you can avoid such dangers. A little investment in maintenance can help safeguard your belongings because our technicians will ensure that all your garage door mechanisms, including security features are functioning correctly. Our technicians are skilled, experienced and licensed so you can trust them with your garage repair job and rest assured that they will deliver. Contact us to schedule maintenance or repair for your garage door and you will not regret.

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Garage Door Repair Aurora

If you look around your home, you will notice that your garage door is your largest moving convenience apart from the vehicle you park inside it. Closing and opening it each day will lead to your garage door’s natural wear and tear increasing the need for repair. While most owners feel like they can handle a repair on their own, do not fall into the temptation of doing the same. This is because a garage door installation and repair involves several risks. Your safety and that of your family is vital and as such, we ensure that our technicians come fully prepared. They will be able to identify the problem with your garage door and fix it safely. It is much safer for you to entrust your garage door repair to us for the following reasons.

Professional expertise

An ideal garage door professional like our qualified experts, should have vast experience of installing and servicing garage doors. This will help them to quickly identify and repair any garage door issues. For instance, the longer you have to go between your garage door spring replacements depends on simple calibrations that only an expert would be able to identify and recommend. Aside from your estimate for the necessary work happening faster, you will also benefit from knowing that someone who has the experience will complete your garage door repair work.

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Security and safety

The most important reason to hire a professional is for your own safety and that of your loved ones. According to studies, about 20,000 people visit hospitals every year with garage door related injuries. Our professionals will complete your garage door repairs and help keep you out of the hospital. Your garage door provides a popular means of entry for would-be burglars. You feel at peace when you know that your door is functioning properly and only our professionals can give you that. In order to protect your home from invasion, ensure that you seek the services of a professional garage door repair specialist to repair a faulty door so that it closes tightly and correctly when you are away or sleeping.

Cost saving

Obviously, saving time means saving money. The problem with attempting to repair a garage door on your own, is that you can never be sure that you will get it right and unfortunately, this is almost always the case. When the repair backfires, you have to call in a professional to correct any additional problems created as a result of your mistakes. Hiring a professional to begin with, will save you all that hassle and money. As an additional benefit, our professionals will suggest changes to your garage door system that will continue to save you money in the future. To ensure that your garage door repair is safe, and to reduce the possible risk of harming the other residents in your home, contact our garage door specialists in Aurora. You can either visit our repair shop or book an appointment online. Let us keep you safe, save your money and protect your family both during your garage door repairs and in the years to come.

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Garage Door Repair Ajax

There are many features of your home that improve the level of convenience in your day. Your garage door is one of those features except when it is not functioning properly. Garage door issues can arise due to a number of problems, each of which can difficult to identify and repair. When you experience garage door issues, it would be best to hire a professional rather than to undertake the task on your own. Here are some of the reasons why you should seek the services of one of our technicians to complete your garage door repair.

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Efficient repairs

As a homeowner, parent or working professional, having a functioning garage door is vital for the smooth running of your day. As a result, when considering garage door repair, it is likely that one of your greatest considerations is a highly efficient repair process. The most efficient way to have your garage door repaired quickly is by hiring one of our professionals. If you choose to embark on the repair on your own, you are likely to spend hours trying to figure out what the problem is, what the right tools are and not to mention that the repair itself takes time. Consequently, if you are looking to get a speedy repair, then let our technicians handle the repair.

Cost saving

An additional advantage of hiring our garage door repair professionals is that it will save you money. While this may not seem to be the case from the onset, the cost of undertaking a garage door repair on your own can be quite high because you may invest in unnecessary material. Our professionals will be able to immediately notice the problem and find a solution to fix it. This way, you do not need to worry about extra costs of a repair gone wrong. Generally, you can get your garage door repaired correctly, safely and efficiently and at the right price if you hire our professionals.


Garage door repairs involve dangerous risks especially if you do not have the correct tools and experience. When repairing a garage door, you need to move heavy materials, install particular items, and maintain proper electrical safety standards. If you do not have the experience of carrying out such tasks, then you should never attempt to repair your garage door on your own. Our professionals are ideal because they have the correct tools, knowledge and experience to repair your garage door safely.

Accurate repairs

Repairing a garage door is especially a technical task that requires specific knowledge concerning the structure of the garage door electrical wiring. In most cases, people do not have the knowledge and special experience to repair the garage door on their own. Our professionals understand exactly what they need to do, how to do it and what the best tools are to complete the job. With our technicians, you do not need to worry about the garage door unexpectedly breaking down or experiencing other issues. Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians for an exceptional garage repair job or drop by our shop to learn more about our services.

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Install Garage Door Toronto

Whether you want to install a new garage door or require any type of garage door repair in Toronto, you should keep in mind that this is not something that you can look up on the internet and try to do it yourself. If you want your garage door to run correctly, you need a perfect installation for it. Additionally, you also run the risk of injuring yourself and those in your home if you attempt to install a garage door on your own. Here is why you should contact our professionals for your garage door installation.

Correct parts

When you hire our professionals to install your garage door, it also means that you are sure of the tools we will use for your installation. You can avoid the trouble of changing openers because of a slip-up and your opener will last longer when it is accurately the right size for your door. Our professional installers will have the necessary equipment at hand to complete your garage door installation correctly. There are numerous phases of garage door installation that we must do precisely in order for your door to function well. This includes accurate configuration of the photo eye, proper securing of the door opener, and proper installation of pulleys as well as proper wiring. We must also ensure proper balancing of your door’s weight. We must precisely follow all of these complex steps to ensure proper installation of your garage door.


Installing a garage door can be risky especially when dealing with springs and the garage door poses a safety risk as well. Most garage doors are heavy, large and difficult to install if you do not have prior experience. Furthermore, installation of garage door openers requires working with electricity and it takes training to ascertain a properly grounded power outlet and extra safety precautions to do the electrical wiring as well. Our professionals will also be able to test the door after installation is complete to ensure that all safety measures are functioning properly.

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Online tutorials on how to install a garage door appear to be quite easy, but that is seldom the case. The reason why videos look easy is because the person doing the video is usually a seasoned and experienced professional. Regrettably, as easy as it may appear, installing a garage door is not an easy experience especially if you do not have the experience. Moreover, even though most garage doors come with a warranty, it is often invalid if you attempt to install your garage door on your own. A ‘do it yourself’ attempt at installing a garage door will leave you with many frustrating hours without the assurance that you will be satisfied with the end product. It is therefore best to leave the job to the professionals who will stand behind their work and offer a warranty. Our professionals have all the skills and training required to not only do the job accurately so that you do not encounter any problems in the future, but they will also be able to do the job quickly saving you the time and frustration.

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How a Garage Door Opener’s Battery Backup Can Keep You Safe in an Emergency


From power and security to safety, standby power, noise reduction and other convenient features, it’s hard to argue against a garage door opener’s battery backup. What happens in the event of a power outage? If your garage door opener has battery backup, then you have no problem.

If you do not have garage door battery backup, you may find it difficult to release the mechanism to open the door manually. If you have battery backup, you need to ensure the battery is in good condition when you need it. Here’s how your garage door openers backup can keep you safe in case of an emergency.

Fire emergencies

Imagine an abrupt fire in your home with your garage door locked. Your car is in there probably with some important documents. Usually, in the event of a fire, power goes down. As such, it might be impossible to open your garage door.

However, with garage door battery backup, you will be able to open your garage door and salvage your car. This is because of battery backup stores extra power that you can use in case of a fire emergency.

Bad weather emergencies

Winter storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and heavy rain normally bring power lines down. During such bad weather conditions, you might need to use your car but since power lines will most likely be down. It might be impossible for you to get your car out of the garage.

With garage door opener battery backup, you can open your garage and get your car out using energy that the backup battery preserves.

Power outage emergencies

Picture a toddler scampering into a garage and then suddenly a power outage. Obviously, without power, you cannot open your garage door and of course leaving the child in the garage until the power comes back, is out of the question.

Back in the day, the only option you would have was to break down the garage door. However, with recent advancements, it is now possible to open your garage door even in the event of a power outage and save yourself from an otherwise critical situation such as the one aforementioned.

Power for heavier garage doors

While it’s easier to open a lightweight single or double car garage door, opening heavier wooden garage doors can be quite a task. With garage door battery backup, you will be able to constantly monitor and adjust your garage door’s closing and opening forces, which make your garage safer.

For instance, your garage door battery backup will allow you to open your garage door even during a power outage. This way, you will be able to drive your car out of the garage.

General emergencies

It could be that you need to get someone to a hospital as soon as possible, or you need to get somewhere immediately because you have received an emergency call. But what do you do if there is no power and your garage door won’t open? A garage door backup battery comes in handy as it will make it possible for you to open your garage.


Choose a Garage Door

How to Choose a Garage Door


With garage doors becoming such a conspicuous part of the façade of new homes, most people would think that buying a garage door is as simple as finding a dealer, picking out a door and having the door installed. Nevertheless, it’s not quite that simple. Of course, you want to find a garage door expert with a good standing, but it’s also advisable to find out if they offer a warranty and stand by their work as well. Here are some tips that will help you choose a garage door.

Decide on the material you want

When studying your options, there is so much to consider such as design cost, maintenance, and durability. Wooden doors can take more exploitation than steel ones, which show dents and dings. The most commonly used wood is cedar, but you can get whatever you want if your budget allows it.

The question of aesthetics also arises. You might want to match your garage door to your house windows. The idea is to blend into the façade. With modern homes, you can experiment with materials like glass or aluminum.

Determine the style that’s most appropriate for your home

Select a garage door that balances your architecture. If your house is a traditional one, you might want the door to blend in or disappear altogether. However, if you have a contemporary home, you can celebrate it by selecting a unique design like an all glass one.

Select the right color

Generally, the color you pick for your garage door should complement your home rather than blend in with the general structure. As such, avoid extreme contrasts and vivid colors. Consider matching your garage door to your windows or go for a color that blends in with your brick or siding. For less contrast with red brick, pick a light brown tan that matches the mortar in the brick instead of white.

Find a reliable dealer

Look for service from a dealer that has positive reviews, fair prices, and excellent customer service. Visit their website and go through their customer reviews to get an idea of what kind of company you may be dealing with. Ask for references from other projects done in your neighborhood. Are their sales representatives courteous and knowledgeable? Do they have excellent customer service? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on a garage door dealer.

Look for an experienced dealer

When shopping for a garage door, you might want to pay attention to how long a dealer has been in business. Different areas have different environmental factors, which will affect garage doors inversely. Having an experienced company that knows what will work and what will not is imperative. Their ability to understand your needs and take your budget into consideration will help you judge a dealer.

Certification is also an important trust factor. When a company is accredited, it shows they have specialized knowledge of the repair and installation of garage doors. When choosing a garage door dealer, ask if the manufacturers of the garage doors certify them for the doors they sell and install.


Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety


You may not think of an automatic overhead garage door as something that could be dangerous, but anything mechanical has the potential to be hazardous under the right circumstances. You should be particularly careful of any mechanical components in your home especially those outside.

Garage door safety is extremely important and that is why upon installation of your garage door, it is always best to perform a garage door safety test to ensure that everything functions as it should. Conduct these safety tests on a regular basis to decrease the chances of any accidental injuries that your garage door may cause. Here are some garage door safety tips.

Do not race the door

It may seem like common sense, but you should never push the button to close your garage door and then try to run under the door before it closes. This is very dangerous and could result in serious injuries or even death. Unluckily, it is much more common for children to try and beat the garage door as part of a game.

Safety sensors for garage doors have substantially reduced the number of injuries sustained as a result of people pushing the button and attempting to run under it. However, you cannot rely on these safety sensors except in emergency situations. As such, it is important to have a discussion with your children about the dangers of running underneath a closing garage door.

Hire an expert for repairs

Regardless of how handy you might think you are, there are some things that only a professional should handle. A garage door is one of those things. Even though it may seem like your garage door is a simple setup consisting of a door on a rail, it’s actually more complex than that.

Fixing your garage door on your own is a safety threat because you could suffer an electric shock from its electrical system or the heavy door could fall on you. Not to mention that you will find it hard to get the appropriate material to use in the repair than a professional would.

Stay away from tracks and joints

There are numerous moving parts that make up your garage door and your hands should be nowhere near them if you would like to keep all your fingers and avoid other injuries. Annually, there are reports of more than seven thousand cases of people injured as a result of putting their hands on the tracks and joints of their garage doors.

This is one of the most common injuries linked to garage doors. Nonetheless, avoidance of this injury is beyond simple. All you need to do is keep your hands away from the tracks and joints. If you think that something is wrong, it is better to call in a professional.

Fix broken glass around your door

Not only is broken glass unsightly, it is also dangerous. If the windows to your garage door are broken, ensure that you have them fixed because the glass can cut through anyone who comes into the garage or the glass can lodge in your car’s tire causing a slow leak.